the bday girl


it’s here. 

happy first birthday jilly!

in just about an hour (3:45 central time) jilly will officially be one. 

what’s she been up to lately?

besides enjoying her first taste of our weekly chocolate chips muffin fridays,


she’s learning how to do crazy things on the computer like shrinking the blog, and downsizing the font on hotmail:


blog - ie

after (so small it can’t be read):

blog - firefox


hotmail - ie

after (readable, but annoying):

hotmail - firefox

(before pictures were taken with internet explorer, after pictures with firefox where she worked her computer magic.)

i know kids are usually smarter than the parents when it comes to technology, but should it really start this early??? 

(yes, this is a plea for help if you know how to fix it.)

(one year jilly update will come later)


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  1. Happy Belated Birthday Jilly. I can’t believe I missed it. Yes I can. I’m still a month behind in my life. How will I ever catch up? She was born when we were in MN for Labor Day weekend, it’s not Labor Day weekend yet. So sorry I missed it. Can’t wait to hear about it and more about preschool.

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