i tried, they wouldn’t come



i hate to be reminded.

i’m a terrible mom.

i didn’t shed a single tear.

in fact i was thrilled, excited, happy.

(for him, that is.)

nate started preschool today.


i’m hoping it’s not so much that i’m a terrible mom as i’ve been a classroom teacher.  the thought of nate getting to be a part of that type of learning environment totally thrills me.  it’s something that’s totally for him and doesn’t have to be shared with his sister.  (even though the pictures indicates otherwise.)   it’s his.  and to say he loves it would be putting it mildly.  i honestly couldn’t get him to stand still for 2 seconds so i could get a non-blurry pictures – he was that excited.

it’s not boarding school.

sheesh.  it’s only 2.5 hours 2 times a week.

i won’t judge you for crying if you won’t judge me for not.


(i’m totally allowed to cry when he goes to kindergarten though.  all day, 5 days a week might as well be boarding school.)


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