jilly @ 1 year


motor skills

  • still crawling
  • lightning fast cruiser
  • taking 5-7 unassisted steps repeatedly in the 6 days since her birthday
  • goes up and down the stairs with no fear (has taken a few minor spills due to her lack of fear)
  • loves to play ball with us or Maggie

communication skills

  • says “hi”, “bye”, “dada”, “mama”, “ah-da” (all done), “hi da” (hi dad), “boo” (for peek-a-boo)
  • tickles, gives kisses, waves, signs more, all done, and our version of scrub when it’s time to get scrubbed in the tub
  • gets frustrated (insert high pitch scream) quite easily when we don’t know what she wants/needs

consumption skills

  • completed 12 months of breast feeding – didn’t think I’d ever last that long
  • transitioning to whole milk 3x a day – not the biggest fan all the time yet
  • devours everything on her plate at each meal and then wants what we have left
  • has discovered a love of animal crackers
  • gets one cup of 20/80 juice/water  each day and then refills of water
  • we’re up to 8 teeth with all four 1 year molars bulging just below the surface

zzzzzz skills

  • napping 2x a day about 2 hours in the morning and 1.5-2.5 in the afternoon
  • sleeps at night from 7pm to 7am
  • had some tough nights in the last month with being sick so much, we’re hoping this settles down as she gets and stays healthy
  • cuddles her Sammy bear and blankie at night
  • gave up falling asleep to the heartbeat sound when it broke
  • has started sleeping with back-up pacifiers in her hands, remind you of anyone?

the rest

  • she’s the biggest fan of her daddy and loves to tickle him
  • loves to lean in for a kiss on the forehead
  • enjoys playing at the sand table with her big brother
  • loves to swing
  • favorite book is Where’s Horse?
  • 12-18 month clothes
  • we head for her one year well check tomorrow where we’ll get a height and weight

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