jilly @ 13 months


now that we’re over a year, i’ve debated continuing these on a monthly basis.  i decided to do an abbreviated version just to serve as a reminder of when she did certain things.

here’s my list of things i don’t want to forget from the past month.

  • transitioned from walking (occasionally) to being a full time walker on Monday, September 21st.  (getting faster by the day)
  • has added  thank you and more to her verbal repertoire (nate’s a stickler for saying thank you and you’re welcome, because it’s used so often around here, she had no choice but to pick it up early)
  • carries her blankie around EVERYWHERE (bought a smaller version of the same blankie so the big one, which was causing many falls, can stay in the crib and the small one can go everywhere else)
  • has 2 of her 4 molars
  • starting to use a spoon, not very successful yet, but she’s wants to try
  • insists on holding hands with everyone at meal prayer time but doesn’t understand to let go when we say amen (she’s so proud of herself for figuring this one out)


  • still 2 naps  a day, the first one is sporadic in length causing the second one to sometimes become 3 hours

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