three and a half?!?!?!?

i was a bit shocked when i noticed nate’s birthday ticker the other day said 3 years 6 months.  my baby big boy is 3 1/2 already!

he’s an absolutely amazing kid.  (crazy to think he’s more of a kid than a toddler now!)

he continues to ask questions non-stop.  he’s a lover of learning!!  in the past 3 days he’s started asking me things like, “mommy, what letter does ______ start with?” and “what does (insert letter) say?”  seriously, we’re ready for phonics???  i was caught a bit off guard, but excited all at the same time.  i’m totally open to any ideas any of you fellow parents have found successful.  i googled “beginning letter sounds games” this evening after dinner, and we ended up picking the site starfall.  i recognized the name from my teaching days, but i had never had experience with it.  we went with step 1 and did the letters Aa, Bb, Cc, Tt, Nn, and Ee.  I loved it for so many reasons.  One it was on the perfect level for him.  It was introducing him more-so to lower case (didn’t call them “little”, a teacher pet peeve of mine) letters which I’ve never pushed.  He was also getting more practice using the mouse.

He’s a huge helper!  When we were filling out his All About Me sheet for preschool and one box said “What are you best at?”  His sweet reply said with all seriousness was, “helping”.  Have I mentioned how much I love that boy???

We’re having what I hope are normal trying threes issues with obeying.  He always has an excuse to stall or is flat out disrespectful in his responses to us asking him to do something.  Bedtime has become a real challenge.  We’re doing our best to put an end to the 1, 2, 3 counting.  Whereas it was super effective, why should it take until 3 to get things done?  Shouldn’t he move on 1?  Now we are reminding him to “listen and obey” or and then state the consequence.  You should have heard the boy scream for 15 minutes over riding in the van without shoes because he didn’t want to put them on when we said it was time.

He continues to be obsessed with trucks, tractors, and all such things.  He loves the Q construction, and I’m sure he’ll miss it when we move next month.  He also got to witness harvest from the inside of a combine at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.   This has led to only playing combines for over a week now.  He knows so much about them it’s just plain scary!

Another thing I’d love some insight into are fears.  We seem to be afraid of just about any and everything currently.  What has worked for you in battling them?

Last thing.  We are finally getting allergy answers.  He went for allergy testing last Tuesday, and he’s highly allergic to mold.  We are still waiting to receive the full report in the mail.  They also did an xray, and we are headed to an ent later this week to discuss his adenoids.  They are quite enlarged, and we’ll share more when we know more.  The enlargement though is most likely a contributing factor to all of his sinus issues.

One more time, I love that boy!!!

(i totally switched from all lower case to lower and upper case as I wrote this post, but I’m too lazy to fix it.  Just wanted you to know, that yes, i noticed!)  🙂


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