dry eyes


Who knew.

I’ve never thought of myself as an overly sentimental/emotional-in-that-way person, but apparently I must have gained a tinge of it with motherhood.  When I learned Brad’s parents were not going to be bringing the kids back to me until late in the day, my mind began to race with all I could get done.  I immediately knew though how I could best use my time.

See, when we put the house on the market, we thought we’d need to paint Jill’s room before it went up.  We were told to hold out though and see what happened.  Just in case we ended up with a buyer who also loved her room.  Unfortunately we didn’t so we were taken up on our offer to paint it for the buyers.  (Plus, we also were asked to paint over the stripe in Nate’s room which I’m still kicking myself for saying yes to.  I should have just offered them the rest of the paint can.)

Anyways, a day without the kids was the perfect day to get some painting done.  With less than 2 weeks before closing, it’s time to be accomplishing our list of tasks that haven’t been crossed off yet.

Who knew I’d get teary eyed over silly stripes.  Yes, we knew when painting them they’d probably only appeal to us, but we loved them.  It was such a fun looking nursery.  It took 2 coats of primer over the entire room and a third coat over the red stripes.  We’re hoping to paint it the same dark tan as Nate’s room on Saturday.

One good thing that’s come of it though is good practice.  I’m not the best wall painter, and I’d rather practice at this house than our new one!  🙂

{it took a lot of taping, measuring, and leveling to make this room happen back in june of 2006}


{completed room}



{valence made and added a couple months later}


{in the middle of the first coat of primer}


{after 2 full coats of primer}


It just made me sadder than I realized I would be. . .

Are there stripes in store for the nursery at the new house????


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