not quite


I should have known from the grouchy wake-ups.

It was the first day in a while that had both a bit of warmth and some sunshine though.

Two outta three prerequisites isn’t bad right?


Oh, and I figured I’d go without Brad who usually does the placing and entertaining using his nimble skills to jump out of the way just in time for the click of the camera.  (You didn’t think the good shots were easy shots, did you?)

Here we go:

{testing the waters}


{don’t throw them at her, throw them up}


{apparently big brother has too many cooties to sit next to}


{hey guys!  over here!  look at momma!  hey!  remember me?!?  LOOK AT ME!!}


{I give this idea a thumbs down, mom.}


{hey, you mind checking my diaper?}


So it’s taken me a few days to settle down after this total flop of a favorite photo session each fall.  I was totally infuriated and might have overreacted just a tad to things not going how I wanted.  After looking through thing a few times, here are three that considering the rest, turned out okay.  (Although I’d still love a re-do session.)





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