procrastination, be gone!


what’s a mom to do?  there are two cement trucks hard at work outside, and nate just has to sit on the front porch and watch them.  so rather than be in the basement getting some work done, i’ll sit at the computer and blog so i can easily check on him every 67 seconds.  (no, i’m not a paranoid mom.  what would make you think that?)

you noticed?  i suppose it’s hard not to.  yep, naters got his hair cut this weekend.  it was long overdue.  but talking this kid into a haircut is no fast task.

he’s not wearing his everyday shoes today.  a very excited mom was ready to throw shoes and coats on everyone and head out the door in time for nate to not be late for preschool.  except, nate only had one shoe in his closet.  he only has two pairs.  one he wears every day, and the other has been missing since the move.  after a frantic whole house search by brad and i, i found the pair missing since the move.  unfortunately i’ve exhausted all possible ideas of where the second shoe of the every day pair is.  my luck is that jill threw it in the trash (like so many other things), and we didn’t catch it.  hopefully not though.

jill?  anyone seen jill?

there she is!!!

oh my!  this girl is wearing her momma out.  she is testing how many bumps and bruising one tiny (chubby) body can handle.  a lot.  this girl is a climber!!  she’s into and onto everything!!  whose responsibility was it to warn me about how different number two would be from number one???  she’s a cuddler though.  and i love that about her.

i suppose it’s about time to share the pictures of the kids in their costumes.  they were both adorable and had fun at journey of joy.  good pictures of jilly weren’t quite happening between the masses of people and it being past bedtime for her.

oh, we found the missing shoe.  it was under the tools in nate’s workbench.  ugh and thank goodness.

while i’m at it, the kid’s great grandparents along with some great aunts, a great uncle, and a cousin, stopped by a week ago to delivered gifts to the kids.  the both got a handmade activity book which includes all kinds of fun stuff.

okay, i think i feel pretty caught up now.  a very cranky and tired nate went down to nap a few minutes ago, and i hear a basement calling my name.  off to work!


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