a corner to play in


a scheduled play date was all the motivation i needed.

it was time to nail out the play area of the basement.  i did some patchwork quilting with carpet scraps and old dorm rugs, and ended up with a softer surface on which to play.  nate was more than happy to see toys which have been gone for a few weeks suddenly pop out of boxes like it was Christmas.  (can’t tell you how ready i am to decorate for that!)  although we still need to do a little work with it, i was pretty pleased with how it turned out.  (don’t you love how the insulation makes it look like a padded psychiatric ward room!)

i also made sure to leave enough concrete exposed in one area to bring in all the fun outdoor riding toys.  (i’m still debating bringing in the sand table to play with in the basement for the winter.)  both kids are super excited about getting to ride these indoors.  unfortunately, the basement is still home to too many packed boxes.  seriously, i’m not getting rid of the vcr tapes, but what am i going to do with them. . .


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