empty promises? hopefully not.



one word describes my blogging efforts lately.

i want to blog.  i do.  promise.  it just never seems to be getting done.  i’m going to get better though.  forget the fact that with the holidays comes crazy busyness.  there will be blogging time.  promise.

my kids are currently sleeping away the last nice day.  winter is suppose to arrive here tomorrow.  they’re saying it’s the last “mild” day we’ll see for a long time.  go figure.  i’m dying to get out to the park, and they’re passed out.  i have made it outside several times today to move the sprinkler though.  yes, we’re still watering in december thanks to it being new sod and all.

our christmas tree is finding itself under attack these days.  she/he (not sure which) currently is barren on the bottom 2 feet of branches.  as jilly takes them off, we move them up.  it looks a bit silly, but i got tired very quickly of replacing them and keeping them evenly dispersed in those bottom two feet.

is anyone else super excited we’re officially in christmas card/letter/picture season?  i love this time of year!  we’re busy working on getting ours all together.  the goal was to send them today, but we’re not quite ready.  close though.  close.


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