jilly @ 15



last saturday miss jilly mae turned 15 months and today she headed in for her 15 month check up.  the official results are:  height – 31 3/4 inches (50th percentile), weight – 28 lb 3 oz (90th percentile), and head circumference – 46 cm (25th percentile).

no wonder we can’t find jeans that fit.

she’s amazing.  she’s very verbal and continues to pick up a lot of new words.  they said she needed 3 at 15 months, we have more like 20.  she’s a girl – they just talk.  a lot.  she’s not quite as wobbly on the feet anymore.  she’s currently obsessed with maggie the dog.  she walks around the house shouting, “nag!  nag!!”  i think she’s attempting to say “you’re welcome” to go along with her “thank you”.  she replied back with 3 syllable jibberish when i said thank you to her last week.  she’s been going through a stage lately that’s been  bit tougher on me because she needs me continually.  it’s hard after she was pretty independent for a while.  i got spoiled.  she’s all about the pointer finger these days.  she loves to be asked where something is so she can point at it.

i’m sure there’s a ton more i could say, but 1) you’re very likely bored by this post, and 2) it’s 64 in the house so i’m going to crawl under the heated blanket and call it a night.

and since i didn’t take any pictures today, here’s our girl exactly a year ago.


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