2 kids, 1 picture


we’re full of creativity in my family.

each year our wonderful grammy gets a calendar with pictures of all of our kids.

same gift each year.

this year i was deemed the one to put it together.

i started planning.  1 month of each of the 6 great grandchildren we have provided sweet grammy, 1 month for each of the three sibling pairs, and 3 months of different kid combos.  woohoo!  calendar planned.

over the weekend, my sister and sister-in-law uploaded their pictures.  11 of 12 months were done.

my most recent successful picture of my kids for a sibling duo picture though was 2 months old and got used on our christmas card.  i decided i should try to get a new one.  for any of you with two (and possibly more) kids you know where this is headed, and you’re laughing at me for even trying.

there were tears, gigantic sighs of frustration, a few shouts, bribes, repositionings – basicially everything short of tying them down and painting on pretty smiles.


why do i fool myself into thinking i can get that perfect sibling shot this time around?

{i’m outta here in a blur.  mom, you’re crazy if you think i’m going to lie still next to him}

{mom, do puppy dog eyes get me out of sitting here?}


one shot was salvageable enough to throw in the november slot.  time to hit the order button and get things moving.


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