from the inside of a snowglobe


Does your entry way floor look like this tonight?

Are your coat hooks filled like this?

Do your stairs resemble this?

In our case, yes, yes, and yes!

Snow day!

A lot of snow, snow day.

On top of our couple of inches from Sunday is piled a good 24 hours worth of constant snow.

Negatives:  3x worth of shoveling the driveway and it’s already recovered in new snow.

Positives:  snow globe snow through the window, a very excited 3 year old, realizing how beautiful my daughter is with snowflakes stuck to the tips of her eyelashes

It was a fun time.  We even pulled out the toboggan and tried it on a couple of close by hills.  We’re still searching for the right spot to use it though.

At this point work doesn’t open for Brad until 1 tomorrow, so we’re looking forward to more of the same tomorrow.

Two quick questions:

1)  Ginny, why on earth was I able to find snow pants in Camryn’s clothing bins?  Seriously, she got snow pants for the one 3 inch snow Arkansas probably had?  🙂  In all seriousness though – THANK YOU!!!!

2)  Santa, could you bring me a snow blower a few weeks early for my Christmas present?  It can be used, I’m good with that.  Just one that works, please and thank you!


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  1. The snow pants match a coat and the set was an irresistable price. I know it rarely snows (ices) here but when it does it is a necessity. That’s the only pair we have owned until this year. Looks like Christmas!

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