cute and not so cute


can you believe it?  adorableness, huh.  even if i’m the only one who thinks they’re beyond cute, i’m still thrilled.  the ability to make pigtails with jilly’s hair is proof that there is hair growth going on.  in fact last week i made a comment to brad about jill needing a bow because her hair was in her eyes.  hair – singular.  we’ll take what we can get though.  🙂  the pigtails only lasted an hour or so, but she left them alone long enough to get to worship yesterday morning so daddy could see them.

over the weekend a new discovery took place at our house.  jill discovered she can pull up on the kitchen chairs.  not only can she pull up onto them, but she can push them where ever she wants in the kitchen, pull up, stand up, and get into all kinds of new trouble.  i found her a short while ago sitting here by the pantry.  nate came over to see what was going on and had a huge revelation of his own.  “we can get the cookies now!”  my non-risk-taking child had never thought to push the chair over to get into the top of the pantry.  thanks jilly, thanks.


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