hair today, gone tomorrow


almost 13.

that’s the number of months since i’d last had a hair cut.  no cut, not trim, nothing.  yes, in (almost) 13 months.

it wasn’t intentional.  i’ve wanted one for quite a while, but for several reasons just hadn’t.

today was the big day though.

i went from this yesterday:

to this today:

i’m definitely curious to see how short it’ll be once i let it go curly, but i’m never one to pass up the offer of having someone else straighten my hair.

i’m loving it short!  my motto is always to cut it short b/c it can always grow back.  (hopefully not for 12+ months again this time.)

and, i’m super thrilled to have had enough to get to donate the bulk of what i got cut off.


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  1. You look great! Nate’s right though you do look like your sister 🙂 (saw his little quote that you posted on fb)

    Merry Christmas to all of you!! How blessed you are this year, your house is wonderful from the pictures. Take Care!

  2. thanks all! it is the first nebraskan haircut – no more waiting for the next trip back to little rock! 🙂 i’m thinking i need a personal hair straightener to visit me each morning though. i like it much better straight than curly at this length, but i’m too lazy to straighten it myself each morning.

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