This is the way the shepherds run, shepherds run, shepherds run . . .


Tuesday was Nate’s Christmas program at preschool.  It was going to be last week, but some pesky snow days got in the way.  I learned a few weeks ago that I was not meant to wield both the still camera and video camera at the same time.  I took a few still shots before and a few more after, but I dedicated the program to video taping it since my parents couldn’t be there and neither could Brad’s dad.

It was adorable!  And what would a program of three year olds singing be without the kid who picks his nose and proceeds to eat it (the booger, not his nose)?  Yup.  I got video proof.  Thank goodness it wasn’t my kid though!  🙂  (If it was, do you really thing I would have found it amusing enough to share?)

Just a quick side note we feel should be mentioned.  Neither Brad nor I claim responsibility for Nate’s shirt being tucked into pants and how goofy it looks.  We promise we sent him in with it untucked.  In fact, it might just be the first time ever he’s had his shirt tucked in.  (Other than when he hikes up his pj pants each night as high as they’ll go in attempts to make us laugh.)  We tried our hardest to get his attention our way and tried to show him to untuck it, but he just wasn’t getting it.  What can we way, we lead a casual life.

{nate realizing that grandma and patty were there to watch him also.}

{photo op at end of program.}

{nate’s reaction to being asked if any of them would like to go eat cookies now.}


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