(s)no(w)where to go


the amount of snow on the ground here is unbelievable.  (especially to an arkansas raised girl.)  while we were gone over christmas we recieved well over 12 additional inches added to the many already covering the ground.

we’ve heard from a few different people lately that you can be cited by the city for not getting your sidewalks cleared off within a certain amount of time.  our huge corner lot which really attracted us to our new house is currently not so attractive.  at least when thinking about the massive length of sidewalk it includes.

brad had worked on it a bit sunday and made it about halfway to the corner on the front (shorter) side.  (it’s super slow going with a layer of ice about 3/4 of the way down.)  i decided to see what of it i could tackle once both kids were asleep this afternoon.  thanks to what brad had already accomplished on sunday, i made it to the corner pretty quickly.  I then started working my way from the back of our property towards the corner.  it was much icier and deeper (18ish inches).  after working myself to the point of exhaustion, but not wanting to give up, the prayer i’d been praying each time a car drove by was answered.

i’d been praying for the entire 45ish minutes i’d been hard at work on the second (longer) side of the house for a good samaritan to come along.  i’d say a good 30 cars passed me as i chopped and scooped.  a red truck passed by and then stopped, backed down the street towards me, and asked if i’d like some help.  i eyed the snow blower in the back of his truck, but told him i’d have to pass because i couldn’t afford to pay him.  he said no problem, he just wanted to help out and wasn’t looking for pay.  i looked at the roughly 25 feet i’d made it and took him up on his offer.

thank you good samaritan.  thank you.

(especially since we’re expecting another up to 7 inches in the next couple of days.)


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