four-year-olds and florida


I’m not quite sure what got into me yesterday, but I had a bit of an emotional moment over how big this guy is getting.  Maybe it was the one on one time I got with him as I took him to the dentist and then went grocery shopping with just him.  Maybe it’s that I realize one of the next big holidays for us is his 4th birthday.  Maybe it’s just all of the more grown things he says and does these days.  Whatever it was must have worn me out though.  I was asleep on the couch before 9 last night and never got around to that sappy, mushy post.  (Still makes me sad that he’s almost 4 though.)

Nothing like the above picture out your window put Florida on the mind quite so much.  (Exactly what your though was when you saw it, right?)  Florida is what got me through digging out our sidewalk just a little while ago.  We had  it cleared out after the last batch of snow, but then the crazy winds came and and it drifted shut again.  I don’t mind scooping snow when the sun is out (never mind the 6 degree temp) so I decided to work on it for a bit.  As my arms and back tired about halfway along when I got to the deepest part, I reminded myself of the Florida vacation my entire fam is taking this summer.  Somehow I need to be burning a few more calories than normal each day.  So, Florida.  Florida kept me go.  Brad came out to check on me and I just smiled and said, “Florida.”  If this snow keeps up for the next few months, I’m going to have some great biceps, triceps, and lats!  I was able to make it all the way to the stop sign thanks to Florida.  Now if I could just get warm . . .


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