I didn’t intend to skip my Friday and then Monday blogging, but well it sometimes just happens.

I didn’t intend to blog about the girl in pink today, but sometimes it just happens.

I was the little girl who always insisted on something pink being worn at all times.  When I learned Jilly would be a girl at our 20 week ultrasound, I decided she would not be draped in pink from head to toe.  Go figure that pink just happens to be one of the colors she looks beyond cute in.  I blame the blonde hair and blue eyes.  It just begs for the bright pink.  So, although I try to balance her wardrobe to some degree she will always have plenty of bright pink included.

Look at those eyes!  Could they be much bigger?

She also is following in her big brother’s prayer loving footsteps.  She’s got the dinner prayer down and loves to say* it at random times.  (* Di Jee, tin oo grunt grunt grunt.  A-MN! (Dear Jesus, Thank you for our food.  Amen.)) A-DOR-A-BLE!

I’ve gotten several comments about how tall she is lately.  I’ll be curious to see what her 18 month measurements are in 2 months.  But yes, she’s tall.  Did you expect differently from one of our children?

Just in case you wondered though, she can be short if needed.  🙂

Can you see why I just had to blog about her today?

We’ll talk house cleaning routines tomorrow – today was her day!


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