last summer i started to get anxious for nate to begin to write his name and other letters.  he’d recognized all his letters since about 2 (he wanted to learn then so i taught him), and i was ready for more.  as i began to research techniques for teaching 3-year-olds to write their letters, i came across an overwhelming number of sites which stated research regarding it being too young for them to taught and to be patient and wait a little longer.  i was shocked and disappointed, but figured he’d learn eventually and i would trust the time and energy which went into the research.  in the meantime we’ve learned the sounds of most all of our letters (because he asked to learn), but i had never asked him or attempted to teach him to write a single letter.

then came today.

we bought cute christmas letter paper from target which was like a coloring sheet around the edges and at the bottom.  we wrote our thank yous in the center, and then had the kids color them before sealing and sending them.  today we were working on one for a family of one of my small group girls.  nate asked where his name was on the note, and i showed him.  i then told him who the thank you was for.  he then asked where faith’s name (small group girl) was also.  before i could show him, he turned the paper over and said, “we need to put faith’s name on here.”  he then asked, “how do you spell ‘faith’?”  i started spelling, “f”.  i looked down, and he had written an “f”!  i decided to see what would happen if i kept spelling, “a, i, t, h.”  he did each letter with absolutely no help and from his memory of what each letter looked like.  i was so proud!!

maybe he’ll be signing his name to all his valentine’s this year after all. . .

obviously, not what i had intended to blog about yet again today, but it was too big to not blog about.  tomorrow, cleaning routines.


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  1. Way to go nate (and mom for being such a GREAT teacher)! Looks like he is ready to starting writing his letters on unlined paper focusing on top to bottom, left to right formation.

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