It was eye doctor day for the kids.

Nate has had his glasses for 6 months, and it was time to make sure thing were staying on track.  He passed with flying colors!  Yay!  He’ll go back in May for his one year check.  Hopefully after that, We’ll just have to go once a year to keep up with any changes in prescription.

At Jilly’s 15 month check up, the pediatrician saw a differentiation between her eyes with her red reflex.  It was suggested we take her to the eye doctor to have a more thorough exam.  I dreaded taking her because i didn’t want to hear she needed glasses at 16 months.  I couldn’t imagine trying to keep them on her all of the time.  After several tests, and dilating her eyes to second check, her red reflex was fine, and her vision is doing alright.  I say alright, because it would appear she’ll need glasses in 2-4 years.  Generally for her age you want to be +4 to +2 farsighted because we all lose some sight over time.  she’s currently at 0.0 right now in both eyes.  This means that as she goes through that natural loss of some vision, she will end up nearsighted.  I do have to say I was super impressed with all the doctor did with her to confirm and explain things.

It was not the same place we took her for her Infantsee exam 6 months ago, which after seeing all that was done with her here, I would not recommend the previous place for kids.    If you’re in town though and looking for a great place to take kids, we love where we currently go!

So although glasses appear to be in her future, for now we can enjoy that big, beautiful blue eyes with no obstructions.


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