growing pains





maybe my memory is failing me, but i don’t remember things being so tough for nate.  at 15 1/2 months he was ready.  i’m sure it didn’t happen in a day, but it certainly didn’t take weeks or months.  it wasn’t wishy-washy and leave you guessing.  oh, what are we talking about?  jill’s process of giving up her morning nap of course.  she leaves me constantly guessing as to whether she will need a morning nap or not from one day to the next.  she’ll have a few days where if you lie her down, she’ll just be in there babbling until you get her back up.  one would assume that would mean she might not need a morning nap anymore.  right?  wrong!  she might be able to go one or two days without it, but then it gets ugly.  really ugly.  so we go back to putting her down and she goes back to taking 2 hour morning naps.  and eventually back to babbling rather than napping after a week or two.  i just wish she’d pick one or the other.  i don’t like guessing games.  i usually don’t do very well at them – as she is proving daily!

i myself have been dealing with a lot of change, transition, growth lately.  all in the spiritual/faith sense.  it’s been a bit mind consuming.  it leaves little room to put much thought on other things.  i’m super excited* about where i’m hopefully headed, but it, like jill’s transition, is not an overnight process.  (*and super terrified)  luckily, i know i’m in great hands (His) and in great company (love my husband and the wonderful spiritual head of household he is).  hopefully you won’t mind if a few more than normal of my posts are a picture and caption rather than pouring out my thought or story from the day – i seem to need a bit more time with my Bible these days as i experience some change/transition/growth.  (and if you don’t mind, pray for me as i become more and more aware of the awesomeness of my God.)


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