what is it that keeps them going?

them = sick kids

when i’m under the weather, i’m under the covers.  sad, pathetic, and quite content to stay there as i wait it out.

naters started saying at the end of dinner last night that his stomach hurt.  he didn’t make to big of a deal of it though when we let him play wii until bath time.  he slept through the night just fine.  problem was he started out his morning by saying his stomach still hurt.  he was acting and playing as if nothing was wrong.  i figured he was fine and continued getting everyone ready to head out the door for preschool and bible study.  for a change we were ready to head out the door early this morning – this never happens!  i excitedly told the kids to head downstairs to get coats on and head to the van.  for some reason i decided to feel nate’s forehead and make sure he didn’t have a fever.  he was burning up.

change of plans.

i explained to a teary eyed three year old that even if you say you feel all better you can’t go to school with a fever.  lucky for me brad was willing to stay with him so i could still go to bible study.

the thing i don’t get though is that even though he’s running fever, he’s still non-stop play and action.  i had to remind him a few times that he needed to sleep today during quiet time.  he finally did and still is.

wish when i was sick it was so much fun.

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