pjs, plans, and poop


i spent the morning with nater’s preschool class.  it was pajama day.  it made me  miss being in the classroom.  ugh.  i hate the feeling of being torn between wanting to be with my kids as much as possible and craving being in the classroom teaching.  i also won the worst mom award from nate due to forgetting he was suppose to bring his favorite lovey along with wearing his pjs.  i was the only mom who forgot.  go figure.  i told him he could bring hobbes for show and tell on tuesday, but he keeps telling me he wants to bring him on pajama day.  😦

more snow.  2-5 inches more.  i’m really hoping for the 2 rather than the 5.  we’ve had so much this winter and we still have 2 more months where snow is a very valid threat.  i just hope it doesn’t mess up our plans for tonight and tomorrow evening.  i really and looking forward to a couple of chances to get out.  (one of which times is without the munches!)

if you are friends with me on facebook, you might have seen my post about potty training jilly and whether i should go ahead with it.  she has totally shown an interest and goes every time you put her on the little potty.  although i’d love to have her potty trained at 17 months (crazy, i know), i’m going to hold off until july-ish for a few reasons.  one, she doesn’t have the verbal stills to tell me with words she needs to go potty.  i would be left to interpreting grunts, whines, and out noises.  two, she is to determined.  in the 10-12 times she has gone on the potty since saturday or sunday she has pooped all but one of those times.  one might think, “great!”, but i’m afraid she’s going to hurt herself.  she seems to think she must go poop every time.  three, when i potty train i like to move straight to underwear, and i don’t think she’s at that point yet.  i plan to talk about all this with our pediatrician at her 18 month check, but i’m thinking we’ll use the potty occasionally but not stress it yet.

wow, i don’t think i’ve done that random of a blog post in quite a while.  i’ve tried to be more focused and to the point lately, but sometimes there’s just too many things to say.


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