heat wave


i’m slowly returning to the land of the living and along with me, my camera.  i’ve hardly taken any pictures of the kids lately.  i just haven’t had the energy.  in my picture taking hiatus jilly apparently has reached the stage of refusing to look at the camera.   urgh.  at least she’s not hiding from it though – that stage with nate about killed me.

can i just side track for a minute and share that it is currently 87.1 here according to weatherunderground!!!  amazing first day of april!!  (and totally not an april fools joke.)

in baby news – he/she growing.  about 2 inches long now!!!  for the time-being we’re referring to the baby as “gunther”.  we called nate “marvin” and jilly “dos” until we shared their true name at birth.  next week gunther will be beginning to grow finger and toe nails!!!  with the previous 2 i knew early on boy/girl – just a gut feeling which was confirmed to be correct.  this time i’m clueless.  my first trimester symptoms seem to be total combination of the previous two exhaustion (both), headaches (jilly), nausea but not actually getting sick (nate), constant sinus issues (neither).  hmmmm . . .

this weather makes me want to tear up some sod and plant flowers.  unfortunately you have to buy flowers if you want to plant flowers . . .


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