gallery bound


Nate came up to me last night and said he wanted to draw a picture of his daddy.  he started with a circle for the head and two eyes, next came the nose, and then a huge smile.  this is when he asked me to take over.  he’s not necessarily one to take on a challenge willingly or without a little encouragement.  i asked if he could keep drawing because i thought he was doing really well.  i asked him what came next.  a neck was his reply.  so brad got a quite large pentagon-ish neck.  again i prompted nate as to what was next.  a body.  then came the legs.  and to clear things up for those of you who can’t keep your minds out of the gutter as was indicated on fb :), each leg was make of two vertical lines for the leg and one horizontal line for the foot.  for some reason, nate chose to color in brad’s left leg (therefore it appears to be one line), but not his right one (therefore it appears as two lines).  arms were his last addition and were stick arms after non-stick legs.

in the end nate ended up with one proud momma.  this was the first time i’m aware of that nate has ever attempted to draw a person.  i don’t remember much from my art for elementary education class, but i think the beginning stages of people drawing is usually a circle with four lines coming out of it.  i was proud at how much detail he threw in!

now if only he has made this attempt on paper which could be kept and stored away to show him at some later date  . . .  😦


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