things i’m excited about:

a.  pizza party at confirmation tonight (meaning i don’t have to fix dinner!)

b.  nate got the all clear from his ent for return to normal eating and playing

c.  the kids have slept beautifully through the street sweeper going up and down the street about 20 times

d.  the street sweeper finally reaching our neighborhood and getting rid of the sand from winter

e.  being super laundry woman (folding loads as they come out of the dryer!!)

f.  our front yard tree showing signs of life (although it does not appear to be a maple, urgh)

g.  greening grass

h.  a return of energy as the first trimester comes to an end

i.  end of first trimester

(there goes the street sweeper again!)

j.  strawberries and raspberries (can one eat too many???)

k.  an idea for nater’s birthday cake for sunday  (4 days til his 4!!!)

l.  preschool starting back up tomorrow (it was spring break . . .)

i could go on, but i’m getting so much done the past few days with my returned energy.  i have more that i’d like to accomplish!  hope you have as much to be excited about!


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