seward and waco


yesterday was a full day.  for the first time in a long time i was up , breakfasted, and showered before the clock read 7:30am.  we were on the road towards seward bright and early.  brad preached at the concordia chapel service, and we then waited around to take some of our k0k’s students to lunch.  afterward we headed a little further down the road to waco to make a long overdue trip to see gma and  gpa knorr.  a shy nate was quickly comfortable after a trip to the shop with great gpa to get an old toy combine and a few others out.

he also remembered from our last trip out there (over a year ago) the table top tennis game.  (his memory is scary good sometimes!)

it would have been a more productive game if a certain little someone wasn’t an expert ball snatcher.

gma seemed to enjoy watching the kids have a ton of fun and find a little bit of trouble to get into.

jilly learned timeouts take place no matter whose house we’re at.

the peach trees were blossoming and looking gorgeous.  my outside picture taking came to a quick halt after stepping on a snake in the yard.  after that we headed inside and stayed inside!!

hopefully it won’t take us another almost 15 months to make it back out there!


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