april sicknesses bring may health???


april has not been a nice month to us health-wise.

first, i had a stomach bug.  then jilly had croup, it was then my turn with some germs from jilly, and it would now appear that nater’s is having his turn with croup.

so far, it’s the same as jilly started out.  fever, sore throat (i’m assuming this with jilly since she can’t actually tell us her throat hurts), hoarseness, and now the coughing.  jilly required a steroid shot to help her get over it so i’m waiting on a call back from the pediatrician’s office to see if i should bring nate in.

hopefully, brad will not have his own turn with all of this!

although i was not feeling great last week, the kids both were and actually took a break from their normal sibling brutality to have fun together:

surprisingly jilly could very easily pull nate around like this which produced some major giggling from both of them.


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