is there a secret escape door?


it’s been one of those days.  one where i question our choice for me to be a stay at home mom.

you hear all about sibling rivalry frequently, but i think i deal more with sibling brutality on a constant basis.  i was totally not prepared for the constant fighting between my children.  when nate was at jilly’s age, it was a ton of fun.  but, he didn’t have anyone to compete with for toys and attention.  jilly, although she has a lot of language for her age, resorts to physical means (hitting, hair pulling, toy throwing, etc) when she gets frustrated.  we never saw this in nate because he didn’t have anyone to want a toy from or someone taking what he was using.  nate also is still thrown off by having to share things especially when it’s something he’d rather play with alone.  it seems like one is always in tears due to the other one.  thus, there is always one on his or her way to time out.

it has crossed my mind to gate one with the upstairs toys and one with the basement toys and let them switch every 30 minutes or so.

seriously though, the tension level i’m experiencing can’t be healthy for any of us.

(if you’re expecting or debating a second child, forget i said any of this!)  🙂


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  1. Thanks for the last line…consider it all forgotten. I wish. Don’t say this! I feel like Trevor gets so bored with me so I’ve been happy thinking “when this baby is Trevor’s age he/she’ll have someone to play with and OCCASIONALLY fight with.” You haven’t scared me too bad, though…I know you don’t always feel this way. You had a frustrating day and you’re prone to exhaustion and limited amounts of patience as your body is hard at work making this new baby. I know you have wonderful kids who have more amazing moments than anything else.

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