moving on


it’s time.

give up the paci time.

i can’t even begin to count the times jilly comes up to me in a day with her fingers in her mouth and bleating “pah!  pah!  pah!”  i’ve been ready to make this transition for a couple of months, but i’ve just failed to take the first step.

my method is going to be the same as what was successful with nate:  i’ll every week or few days snip a little bit more off the end of the paci.  i don’t want the trauma of just taking it away, and she’s a bit young for reasoning with over why it’s time to give it up.  with nate, it was a process that took about 2 months and led to him losing interest in it.  i figure she still has her “b” (blanket) that we already take everywhere with us. let’s hope this is as uneventful as it was with naters!


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