a boy


as we approach the half-way point in this pregnancy, i find myself getting asked more and more frequently whether i want a boy or a girl this third time around.  i can honestly give a good argument for/against either gender – and therefore usually end up saying i’m good either way.

i love having my boy.  he’s always been obsessed with anything that moves on wheels.  (especially of the farm variety thanks to gma and gpa.)  he knows the names of more types of trucks and vehicles than his mom ever thought she would one day learn.

he’s the perfect balance of on the go and laid back.  he can get excited and especially loves to get wound up when playing with friends.  but he also loves to lay down with a stack of books or “magazines” and look at them for long periods of time.

and the booty shake.  when this boy dances (which is often) – he’s gonna bust out the booty shake!!!  🙂

so yeah, i could be happy with another boy.

but . . .


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