a girl


(fyi, this is a continuation of yesterday’s post)

i love having my girl.  she is overflowing with spunk, energy, and personality.  she’s a dare-devil and risk-taker that smiles coyly at me before trying something i might not approve of.  what i could never seem to convince nate to try to do, she willingly volunteers a go at.

the hair bows.  i would love another little girl to ask me each time she gets dressed for a bow for her hair.  and i would be so sad if i didn’t get to enjoy all of these cute clothes just once more.

and to be fair, she’s quite the dancer too.  🙂  hers tend to include more jumping and leg flailing rather than booty shaking, but it’s just as enjoyable to watch.

so yeah, i could be happy with another girl.

but . . .


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