guessing games – wannna play?


with nate i knew.

with jilly i knew.

with gunther i’m clueless.

i usually have a gut instinct with guessing what my pregnant friends/family are expecting gender-wise, and i have a pretty good accuracy rate.  somehow though this third child of ours is giving me fits in the gut instinct department.

since i always find it fun to guess, i figured i’d set up a poll on the sidebar of the blog so you can log in your vote.  it should only let you vote once so no one can skew the guessing results.  (as if it’s really that important – right?!?!  🙂 )  you have from now until our ultrasound appointment time a 2:30 May 28th to share your guess.  i’ll share on the blog as soon as we know and have let family know.  (yes, mom, you will find out regardless of how much you beg to not find out.)


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  1. i’ve thought about that. on the koss side the grandkid pattern is g b b g b b. the knorr side is b g g b g. i guess either way if we’re sticking within the pattern we’re slated for a girl . . . or ruining the patterns. we’ll see! as for the next two, i’m thinking this may be end of of that road for us – i’m already overwhelmed with the thought of parenting 3!!!

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