balancing act: sweet and salty


it’s always a pleasant surprise to plug the camera in and transfer pictures only to realize you’d forgotten about some of what was on the camera.  today’s picture are just such an occurrence!  🙂

i’ve been reading my friend from high school youth group’s blog each time she posts, and wish i had the discipline and taste buds which would lead me to eat healthy like she strives to, but God wired me with some ultra sensitive taste buds.  they know the few things they like, and they’re very aware of the vast amount of things which better keep their distance from my mouth.

when nate was younger and an only child i really strived to keep things as healthy as possible for him.  he didn’t even know desserts and sweets existed for a long time.  with two kids, i find myself giving into convenience much more often.  also, nate is old enough now to realize when what mom eats looks a lot more fun than what he has.

when grocery shopping recently, nate noticed the marshmallows as we walked down their aisle.  i was in a total cave mood, and he could have gotten me to buy him just about anything that day.  when he politely asked, i politely agreed.  to be honest though anything he says something that comes out as adorably jumbled as his attempts at saying “marshmallows” i’d buy it just to get to hear him attempt to say it over and over.

a current favorite afternoon snack around here is marshmallows and pretzels.  (which in jilly’s opinion requires a “poon”.)

tomorrow i’ll post the pictures i had intended to share today until i found these!  🙂


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