our very own humidity gauge


It was pretty clear from the start of the day that with highs around 90 and humidity which did this:

It was going to be the perfect day to break out the summertime fun.  Nate and Jilly were more than ecstatic when we aired up the pool after another day’s graduation parties were done.  The water being very cold straight out of the hose didn’t seem to stop them from having tons of fun.  In fact, they played for well over an hour and a certain little miss shed many a tears when it was time to head in for bed.

We’ll be heading back out as soon as I’m ready.  (Nate was ready at 7am when he ran in the room and asked if we could head out there.)  Hopefully soon we’ll have the fence boards put up so we can have some privacy while playing!


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  1. they both just played in their clothes the evening we filled it. there actually are no bathing suits in the 2T stuff, and the only 3T stuff is what you sent a month or so ago. i might go pick up a 3T one for her because she’s too long in the torso for the 2T one we’re borrowing. once we hit camryn’s 4T box, there are several bathing suits.

  2. Hmmmm. I don’t know. We always had a good number of suits, but I might have skipped a size because I like to buy big. Well you should be able to find inexpensive suits easily.

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