bursting my bubble


brad and i both love to play scrabble.  it’s one game where i seem to be able to do a better job of not always getting beaten easily by brad.   unfortunately i’d had some misfortune lately with losing thanks to all 7 tiles on my rack being vowels turn after turn.  this causes frustration for several reasons one of which is it’s hard to make words and secondly it’s impossible to accumlate any points with vowels.  several occurances in a row of this type of game left me with no other option but to be a poor sport/bad loser.

when we decided to play the other night, we made the choice to not keep score.  i was thrilled to be able to just make words rather than try to out-strategize my super-strategic husband.  it was so relaxing and enjoyable.  it was going great until i realized what i had.  i had a bingo.  are you kidding me?!?!?!  after the past few games . . . a bingo?!?!?!  oh well, at least i know if we had been keeping score, that one move would have gotten me 72 points thanks to the 50 point bonus a bingo gets you.


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