. . . how does your garden grow . . .


our memorial day weekend was spent enjoying having my parents here in town.  as is a norm when mom’s here around this time of year, we flower shopped.   i’d been itching to get a flower garden started, but decided to wait once i knew she’d be coming to visit.  she’s good at putting it all together.

{nate was super anxious to help in every step along the way!}

{mom was amazing – from tearing out sod, to picking flowers, to placing and planting them – amazing!}

{i did my best to help out along the way and look busy  🙂 }

{it felt good to have everything planted!}

somehow i didn’t end up with a finished garden picture.  i’ll get one soon and post it.  it looks really good, and i can’t wait for the plants to get a little bigger.  i also still need to pick up some mulch to finish it off and hopefully retain a little more moisture to save myself from watering daily.  i’m super excited to have some new and different things that what we had at the old house.


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  1. Yeah! I’m all caught up for now. Love the garden! I miss the weekly garden pictures. Have you driven by your old house to see your former garden?

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