swim time


i have three words for you:

zero depth entry

seriously the be best thing ever when it comes to combining pools and small children.  i would seriously drive out of my way to go to a zero depth entry pool rather than one with a separate baby pool.

we had a ton of fun in the water last week.  we were in the water every day tuesday through saturday.  one day we went to table rock lake and let nate have the beach experience he’d been desiring.  mostly though we just hung out at the pool for water time.  it was way more convenient and didn’t have a rock beach!

nate was super timid about being in the water at first.  we’ve never done swim lesson in previous summers because most seem to say he was too young, and since we don’t belong to a pool most of our pool time is in the backyard blow up pool.  a couple of days in the pool though and he was a master dog paddler!!!  🙂  he would beam with pride each time he was “swimming”.

jilly loved just hanging out in the shallow waters.  she would go out deeper if we took her, but she was quick to tell us “all done”.

{shallow water gal}


{heading deep with uncle matt}

{nephew will swimming with his uncle brad}


{“look at me!”}

{i was quick to make a no shooting water at some one without a shooter rule}

and best of all, no kid sunburns!!!!


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