daily lessons


life likes to teach us things daily.

today, jilly learned mom is not happy when you play with pens.

i learned how to remove pen from the computer screen.  (simple windex works.)

i also learned that putting pens up is not good enough, they must be up super high.  higher than a 21 month old and a chair stacked together.

nate did some learning too.

his love of learning + my teaching degree + bins and bins of teaching supplies gathering dust = our new pre-nap one on one time

i’ve known for a while that i needed to figure out something special to do for some one on one time with nate.  jill is way too attention demanding to allow much of this when she is awake so we’ve got a new routine.  when jilly goes down for nap, nate and i will have one on one time.  it doesn’t always have to be school stuff, but he seriously loves it, and being prepared for kindergarten terrifies me.  it’s unbelievable what’s expected today from kindergartners.

it was simple and fun.  we read a story about a dad, talked about the letter sounds we heard in “dad” and therefore how to spell it, practiced tracing D and d (we need some serious tracing and pencil holding practice!), made a father’s day card (we’re celebrating next sunday due to traveling this past sunday) which involved writing, drawing, cutting, and gluing, and then worked on patterns using my frogs on a log sets.  i could have sat down there with him for hours coming up with more and more stuff, but i’ll save it for other days.  i’m really not sure which one of us had more fun.

(let’s hope his school uses block writing rather than d’nealian!!!!)

time to go get a bit more organized though so i’m not digging through bins that have been packed away for 4 years.


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