littlest update


our littlest is doing well.

the two bigger kids keep me busy enough that our littlest doesn’t seem to get much blog attention.  i’m sure that will change though come october.

i went for a routine check up today, and everything looks great.  her heartrate was 162 bpm and my measurements were pretty much right on.  i had a little weight jump, but i expected that since i’m a terrible eater when brad is out of town.  overall though, i’ve only gained 10 pounds so far which is wonderful in my book.  although i don’t obsess about how much i put on during pregnancy, i do keep aware of it because i gained 50 pounds with nate and have no desire to repeat that again.

i was able to confirm with my doctor that it was most likely braxton hicks contractions i was feeling  this past saturday and sunday.  i haven’t dealt with these with either previous pregnancies so it was nice to be reassured by the doctor that it was all normal.  luckily i’ve not felt any discomfort in that way since going to bed sunday night.  although i wouldn’t mind her coming anytime after i hit 37 weeks, she can stay put until then!

next visit, glucose test!  yippee!!


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