me?, sleepy?, no way!


what’s that?

oh yeah, i was gonna attempt to be a better blogger in july.

well, apparently blogging while pregnant with kiddo #3 is just not meant to be.  or at least not the mon-fri blogging i’d like it to be. i like routines.  that’s why the mon-fri thing appeals to me so much.  unfortunately, my body likes naps at quiet time much more than blogging for the time being.

we’ve also been a wee bit busy around here. in the past two weeks we’ve painted the stairway, hallway, and nate’s room; brad and a friend, adam, drywalled a wall in our basement which was started while we were on vacation; we planted 2 sticks trees in the backyard, and brad officiated the first of three wedding he’s got scheduled this month.  mix all that in with regular routines and tasks, and we’ve been pretty non-stop.  i’d like to think we’ll slow down a little soon, but with jilly’s big girl bedding on it’s way i’m sure we’ll be picking colors and painting her new room soon.  there’s also talk of building the closet that goes with the wall that was built in the basement.

it’s all good stuff, but it’s leaving me exhausted!

in the wild word of kids, they are quite busy too.

naters is getting more and more confident on his bike.  we’ve seen major improvements in the past week.  he asks a lot of questions about if his baby sister is “getting closer to zero”.  i also dodged the “how is she going to get out” question last week by changing the subject when a simple “the doctors at the hospital will help” didn’t suffice.  he’s full of questions; seriously,  the boy can ask 100 in an hour easily.  we often have to have “mommy needs a break from answering questions” time.

jilly’s literally changing day by day right now (a month and a half and she’ll be 2!!).  we’re seriously losing any bit of baby that was left in her.  she is a big time talker and uses 5-6 word sentences quite often.  she’s also likes to add the long e sound to half of the words she says:  dora and boots-y (she’s obsessed with them), shoes-y, lunch-y, dress-y, the list goes on and on.  she’s still hanging onto her pacifier and still goes back and forth with her interest in using the potty.  she’s still tough and daring.  her first combat tactic with her brother is to grab his glasses off his face.  we’ve not yet figured out how to put an end to this.  we also haven’t figured out how to stop the angry, high-pitch scream she is becoming well known for everywhere we go.  in the end though, she continually melts my and brad’s heart.  the dimples, the blue eyes that can smile, and her sweet little girl voice are beyond adorable.

i’d offer you pictures, of all of our house progress and the kids, but that’s another area i’ve not gotten around to lately.  you know i’m tired when the camera doesn’t get pulled out!!!

i’ll aim to put some pictures up at some point this week.


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