a likely pair


drywalling and quilting.

they just seem to go together.

they don’t?

hmm, suppose your right.

drywalling did lead to quilting for me though.

when this was finished going in:

i found this as i organized our new storage area:

this was the second quilting project i ever took on.  i started it before being married and possibly before even meeting brad.  (although i can’t remember exactly when i started it.)  it’s actually mostly done, and has been sitting in storage for 8+ years waiting to be finished.  the cutting and piecing stage of quilting is my least favorite which makes it all the more surprising that i stashed it away during the hand-quilting stage.

each square block has this pattern (view from back) already completed:

all i need to do is finish the millions of shooting stars:

and i have to figure out what i want to do around the border.  then i will happily slap some binding on it (after someone remind me how to make quilt binding) and rip out the orange stitching.

nate seems to have laid claim to this one.  he can’t get enough of asking me if it’s done yet.  and i think his love of all things blue is helping his love of this quilt.

back to this though:

what does the future hold for this wonderful wall?

the right-hand door hole will lead into the main storage area which also has the water heater and ac/heat thing.  the left-hand door will lead into a closet that will house board games, quilting stuff, teaching activities to use with Nate, and maybe our cd/dvd collection.  my dream is that it will have L shape shelving on the left and back wall.  we’ll see if my dream can become a reality or not, but it’s always fun to dream.  we need to get in touch with the company that built our house and find out about getting door which match what is in the rest of the house to keep things consistent.

so, maybe drywalling doesn’t lead you to quilting, but it did for me.  🙂

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