On Brad’s birthday he and I received the following card:

Four years ago this fall Brad and I were each assigned a group of teens to lead in weekly Bible study, prayer, and such.  Although we were both excited, I’m not quite sure either of us knew what we were getting into fully.  Over the years the group has gone from high school freshman to high school graduates, and we can’t imagine what life will be like without them coming over every Sunday evening this fall.  Nate absolutely adores them and will be heartbroken when he doesn’t get to see “his kids” every week.  Jilly also has never known life without them showing up on a weekly basis, and although she’s been a bit tougher to open up to them, she’s really come a long way lately.

Four years worth of building amazing relationships with these teens led us to feel totally comfortable taking them up on their offer for us to get away for a few days.  So, we did it.

This past Saturday afternoon we took off for Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN.  We had never spent time there before, and it was a do-able 6 hour drive.

It was the most amazing 75 hours I have had in a LONG time.

75 hours of fun and relaxation with my best friend, my husband.  For 75 hours we didn’t have to be “mom” and “dad” first and foremost.  Although we truly missed our kids, we have never more than at this point needed to take a break from them and enjoy just being just us again.  Getting out for a date night gives a glimpse, but there is just something different about getting away for a few days together.  Amazing.  (and highly recommended!!!)

We has 2 full days of being up there in-between our 2 travel days.  After unknowingly sleeping in until after 9am we of course hit IKEA and the Mall of America on Sunday after worship.  We found this at IKEA:

I’d been wanting this at Target, but love that I hadn’t pulled the trigger yet and found something similar which I like much better from IKEA.  We also added a couple of frames to my collection and after ordering a couple more pictures today, I think we’re finally ready to hang our picture wall pictures on the wall and continue to add to it over time!

We also went and saw the movie Grown Ups on Sunday evening.  I have seriously not laughed out loud so much at a movie in a LONG time!  We both loved it and would totally see it again.  (We knew nothing other than a short blurb we read on the internet before going in.)

After another slow start to our morning thanks to sleeping in once again, we drove to find Concordia St. Paul and the the University of Minnesota.  I don’t really understand this need, but my husband loves college campuses, and I love him.  We also found where the Vikings play and the new Twins stadium.  After lunch we headed out to Stillwater and wandered in and out of the shops along Main Street.  After a while, my preggo self just really needed a break from being on my feet so much.  We headed back to the hotel so I could take a much needed nap.

Tuesday we dragged ourselves out of bed a bit earlier and were on the road by about quarter to 9.

We were thrilled to see the kids, and they both gave us some awesome loving when we got home.

We also were thrilled to see our small group girls had been busy at work making us another scrapbook full of more memories from the past few years!

(we jokingly call ourselves a “spiritual clique”.)

Amazing teens watching our amazing kids so we could have an amazing couple of days away.


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