while the boys are away. . .


. . . the girls will play.

due to being unsure if jilly was coming down with something our weekend plans changed and rather than all of us heading a couple hours out of town for friday and saturday so brad could officiate his third wedding of the month, the boys headed off and the girls stayed home.

although we are missing our guys like crazy (“Nate is here?”), we have had fun with our one on one time.  it’s amazing what a different child jilly is when she’s not got the constant competition of a sibling.  she reminds me very much of nate at this age as i watch her be an “only child” this weekend.

i know she is going to be crazy excited to see her nater’s in the morning when she gets up.  i wish they would be home before her bedtime, but it’s not possible.

{some kitchen playtime}

{she insisted i take another picture of her, but she wanted to be sitting}

{we pulled out the sprinkler playmat for the first time since last summer}

{although cautious, she had fun . . .}

{. . . until shortly after this picture where she fell on it and it suddenly wouldn’t hold or shoot water}

so, we agree that girl time is fun, but we’re just not complete without our guys around and can’t wait for them to get home later!


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