as often as possible we’ve been enjoying our third summer with our tuesday morning playgroup.  the kids both look forward to it, and i love the chance to chat with friends.  my goal in august is to take more pictures of the kids after a very pathetic june and july when it came to picture taking.  i’ll attempt to share several of them here on the blog even if i’m too tired to come up with something creative to say.

nate had been bummed on many occasions over the fact that mom, dad, and jilly all get to wear sunglasses when it’s bright outside.  when we went for our yearly eye exam in early july, i asked the eye doc about getting him prescription sunglasses.  she highly recommended against putting money into another pair of glasses to keep up with and suggested we try transitions lenses to see what we thought.  although i still am not a fan of how they look when they turn dark, my boy is sure appreciating not having to deal with the bright sun all the time!  not sure if we’ll put the extra $67 dollars next time we need to replace lenses, but we’ll go with these for now.  (even if they drive me nuts in outside pictures!)  🙂

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