kc in a day


yesterday was day trip day.

not much could lead me to trap both kids in their carseats for a 3+ hour drive each way type day trip, but this one had two things going for it.  one we were able to help one of my small group girls move in to her new place as she start school in kansas city, and two there was hope of chick-fil-a.

moving went smoothly (not that preggo me was a ton of help), and the chick-fil-a was a-ma-zing!!!!

why we still don’t have one doesn’t make any sense to me and never will.

the kids devoured their food which is always nice to see, and nate kept wanting more nuggets.  that’s my boy!!!

since we were there for a later lunch, we had the play area all to ourselves after eating.  i’m usually one to pretend such germ havens don’t exist, but both kids had done so well traveling and such . . .

and of course we made good use of the antibacterial wipes offered when we finished!

it was a great day with kids that were wonderful travelers.


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  1. I am a huge chick-fil-a fan myself. Why aren’t they out here? According to their website there is one at 33rd and Dodge in Omaha but I think it’s within a business and not open to the public. So close and yet so far away…

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