we’ve been busy around here the past few days getting jilly’s new room closer to done.  the paint we bought and then let sit for a week was driving me crazy.  so, while brad was away on the confirmation retreat last weekend (yes, another weekend away), i got to work putting up the top paint color.  he helped with the main color sunday when he got home.  and yesterday i painted and then we hung the white trim board.  today i am painting by the closet and window the same width of white where it wouldn’t work to put the trim up.  curtains (white) are my next step, but i am having trouble find ones that will be thick enough to block out some light.  i’m thinking there’s enough green going on already and i really don’t want pink curtains so white is my only option.  with time and as the budget allows i’ll hang some stuff on the wall, but i’m trilled to have so much done!

here’s the process of the room beginning with last august when we purchased the house:

(sept. 09)

(july 10 – found a duvet cover!)

(august 10 – paint, trim, and a lamp)


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