camera hog


After a couple of weeks with unbearable heat and even more unbearable heat indexes, we finally broke free.  Sunday night was so perfect that we were even able to sleep with the windows open.  It’s always nice to wake up and want to pull the covers up a little tighter around you because it’s a bit chilly.  Love it!

I’ve realized lately that Jilly totally seems to dominate the pictures on the blog.  She is totally in the “take picture”, “see picture” stage.  She begs to have me take her picture and then has to see each shot immediately after it’s taken.  Nate is totally unphased by the camera on a normal basis.  When he is interested in having his picture taken, he’s usually acting so silly that he can’t stay still enough for me to get a good shot.  I guess Nate had 2 1/2 years worth of pictures on the blog though before Jilly ever got her shot.

{one of those “picture please, mommy” moments as we headed downstairs to go outside}

{thanks to Jilly’s tendency to just dump the sand all over the deck, we are about out.  we’re making due for the rest of the season before we bring it in for the winter and will refill it next spring.  hopefully by then she’ll be a bit more interested in keeping the sand in the table!}

{see, totally uninterested.  i’m two feet away from him with a camera pointed at him, and he doesn’t even acknowledge me!}


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