chug, chug, chug!!!


bottoms up!

jilly can expect to drink a ton in the next few days. after about the 30th diaper from our current box having the right hip tab come off while she was wearing the diaper, i decided i was done.  done with diaper frustrations and ready for potty training frustrations which eventually lead to potty trained bliss.  (and only one in diapers at a time!)

in about an hour’s time tuesday evening after making my decision we went through 3 pairs of underwear.  (i am not a fan of pull-ups, but i will continue to put her in a diaper at nap and night until we have the awake hours under control.)  i tried not to get to upset; i know the first few days will be tougher.  hopefully we can be outside a lot and keep accidents off the carpet and furniture.

this attempt is a little over 5 months sooner than we potty trained nate, but i really think it will click with her pretty quick just as it did with nate.

i’ll let you know how things are going!

oh yeah, and if we go ahead with inducing as we did in the case of both nate and jillian, we should expect a baby here 8 weeks from TODAY!!!


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